Don't try to re-invent the wheel, use what works, Point of Purchase Signs Work!

Point of Purchase Signs Charlotte

POP Signs Charlotte

POP (Point of Purchase) signs encourage additional sales at the checkout counter. POP signs greatly increase sales and profits at the register, they can't be overlooked!


A-frames, aka sandwich boards, can be printed in dry erase for easily changing the daily message. A-frames are lightweight for mobility and indoor use or heavy-duty for outdoor signage.

Countertop Displays

Shrink your product signage down to countertop size! Sign miniatures replicate your message and enhance your impressions. Plastic signs can be molded as a stand-alone sign.

Light box Displays

Full-color LED displays will drive attention to your products. Small enough to stand on the counter or large enough to hang from the ceiling, light box displays are excellent POP signs.

Window Displays

Enhance your interior window with removable vinyl graphics, custom displays and fabric banners. Utilize the entire footprint of your storefront to encourage additional purchases.

For ideas on how POP signs can help your bottom line, call Heritage Custom Signs & Displays!

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