Elevator Wraps and Wall Graphics are Engaging Solutions for Impactful Workplace and Event Environments

Multi-leveled buildings with multiple businesses and occupants such as corporate headquarters, retail stores, and apartment complexes have many opportunities to brand key interior locations. Also, these types of spaces require elevators to get customers and employees from floor to floor, which presents exciting branding opportunities in these necessary transportation hubs. Elevator wraps are effective experiential graphics solutions that help to display your products, services, company information, and other important messaging for all who ascend and descend the floors of your building. They enhance the aesthetics of the installation space while amplifying your brand in the eyes of your customers and employees where they both regularly congregate.

What Are Elevator Wraps?

Elevator wraps are graphics installed on the elevator doors and surrounding walls to brand the space with your company’s unique imagery, distinguish the floors of your building, and communicate your organization’s personnel or company values in a way that is visually captivating and immersive. Elevator wraps can be applied to the inside of the elevator as well as the outside so that your brand travels with customers and employees ascending or descending the floors of your building. Because elevators are necessary features of multi-floored facilities, they’re perfect opportunities to capture the attention of prospective customers as they navigate your space.

One of the greatest advantages of elevator wraps is that they are made of the same materials as wall wraps. Elevator wraps and wall wraps integrate seamlessly into your space to create a seamless fusion of graphical elements. Wall wraps and elevator wraps work in conjunction with each other to command the attention of all who encounter them and make your brand unforgettably immersive on the floors of your space where they are installed.

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Elevator Wraps and Wall Wraps Work in Conjunction to Add Immersive Branding Appeal to Your Office Space

Elevator wraps offer a refreshing twist to workplace interiors, transforming often neglected spaces into visually appealing areas. These wraps serve as a canvas for company logos, motivational quotes, or eye-catching designs, adding a distinctive and exciting dimension to the office setting. They can be utilized to reinforce company principles, commemorate achievements, or simply deviate from conventional office interior decor. The flexibility to alter or update these wraps ensures a perpetually dynamic and engaging work environment. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the office, elevator wraps also contribute to creating a lively and stimulating work atmosphere.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator Wraps Are Custom Cut and Expertly Installed to Be a Seamless Integration of Experiential Graphics

When professionally installed, elevator wraps are a seamless fusion of environmental graphic design elements in your surrounding space. The elevator wraps our team prints are custom-cut to fit your space exactly and are installed to prevent bubbling, creasing, and pealing to reduce the risk of damage and the need for frequent long-term maintenance. If any existing graphics are installed in the space already, our sign installation experts remove them with care to prevent damage to the installation site.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator Wraps: An Effective Branding Strategy for Events

Elevator wraps are increasingly being recognized as a creative branding solution for event venues. They present businesses with a unique opportunity to engage event participants right from the moment they enter the elevator. With their versatility, elevator wraps have emerged as a critical tool for companies seeking to make a lasting impression and enhance brand visibility. The exterior of elevator doors acts as an ideal platform for featuring company emblems, advertising messages, and other promotional content. By utilizing elevator wraps, companies can curate a comprehensive brand experience for attendees and event personnel alike.

Elevator Wraps

Why Get Your Elevator Wraps Printed and Installed by Heritage Signs & Displays?

Heritage Signs & Displays is a veteran-owned sign shop that creates and installs custom signs, trade show displays, and environmental graphics for corporate headquarters, event venues, non-profits, and more. Since our founding in 1977, we have accumulated decades of experience serving our clients with the award-winning signs and displays we produce. We understand the unique challenges facing our clients, which is why we make outstanding customer service our top priority with every job we do. We have not only earned hundreds of national and regional industry awards for our work, but also hundreds of positive reviews from clients who have been overjoyed with the results of our work for their businesses. Our goal is to contribute our talents and skills in custom sign fabrication and installation to make your company’s branding connect with your target customers.

Elevator Wraps

Creating Elevator Wraps with Us Is Collaborative and Efficient

One of the hallmarks of Heritage Signs & Displays has been our straightforward, collaborative, and efficient sign installation and removal process. Our project managers have decades of experience in custom signs and commercial printing for companies of all industries, so we have a unique understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges. The elevator wraps our team prints and installs are made to last, endure in your space, and enhance the branding and experiential value of your space. Our installation process is designed to be timely, respectful of your team’s time, and not obstructive to your workflow. Our goal with every job we do is to leave your customers and employees amazed by the results of our work, reduce the need for long-term maintenance, and further your company’s branding goals.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator Wraps FAQs

Elevator wrapping is an increasingly popular way of transforming the interior spaces of a building or business. It involves covering elevator doors, walls, and other surfaces with vinyl wraps, which can include brand logos and messages as well as custom designs to create eye-catching visuals that add personality and character to an otherwise bland space. This technique has been used successfully in both public and private spaces to create unique and engaging interiors that attract attention and help build brand recognition. Elevator wrapping is also a cost-effective way of giving a building or business an instant makeover without the need for renovations or expensive upgrades. By adding visual appeal, elevator wrapping can help boost the overall image of a brand and provide customers with an inviting atmosphere in which they will want to spend more time.

Elevator wrapping provides a number of advantages over traditional interior decoration techniques. Firstly, it is far more cost-effective than renovating or upgrading existing surfaces as the vinyl wraps can simply be applied directly to the surface without any need for additional work or materials. Secondly, it is also highly durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for areas with high foot traffic. Thirdly, elevator wraps can be easily customized and changed to match the changing needs of a brand or business. Finally, they are also non-permanent and can be removed without leaving behind any damage or residue. These factors make elevator wrapping an ideal solution for creating unique, eye-catching interiors without the need for expensive renovations.

Elevator wrapping can be used to create an inviting atmosphere in a variety of ways, from adding vibrant and eye-catching visuals to emphasizing certain brand messages. Branded logos or images with inviting messages can be used to make visitors feel more at home, while murals and abstract designs have the power to completely transform a building's aesthetic. Additionally, elevator wraps can also be used to create unique themes within businesses such as hotels, restaurants, or offices.

Elevator wraps are usually made of high-quality adhesive vinyl that can easily be customized to fit any space. These materials come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Additionally, many modern elevator wrapping materials also boast features such as flame resistance and scratch protection, making them the ideal choice for busy public spaces.

Elevator wraps can be used to incorporate a variety of design elements. These range from abstract and colorful graphics to simple logos or text-based designs, and physical features such as wood grain textures or metallic finishes. Additionally, elevator wraps also allow for the addition of 3D textures through embossing and other techniques, creating unique visuals that stand out from traditional wall coverings. With the right design elements, elevator wraps can also be used to create interactive experiences for visitors, such as creating illusions with reflective and transparent materials. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a truly unique elevator wrap!

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