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Our experience makes the difference. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in January of 2017. We know publications printing and mailing, we've been doing it since 1977!

We have been awarded over 250 print quality awards (many of them: magazines, newsletters, catalogs, annual reports and booklets) with the PICA "Best of Show" award for our work in 2016.

Why are we so good? We care about customer service! We treat every project with the passion we do our own print jobs. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Read our Google Reviews.

Publications Mailings include:

  • Company Magazines
  • Association Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Membership Directories
  • Conference Publications
  • Marketing Booklets

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Stellar Printing and Mailing Services in Louisville, KY

Printing on paper is one of the oldest forms of marketing and continues today as an effective tool that allows companies to enhance their marketing campaigns and improve their images. Therefore, it is important to choose the best among the available printing companies when you are seeking quality printing service providers. With Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, you just cannot go wrong.

Whether it is the printing for a brochure, booklet, direct mail, newsletter, magazine, publication, or annual report, finding the perfect printing company is crucial. We, at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, are one of the most prominent printing companies in Louisville, KY and have a legacy of excellence in publications printing and mailing services since 1977.

We have been recognized with hundreds of industry print quality awards including four Bennie's from Printing Industries of America and the Best of Show and three consecutive Gutenberg Awards from Printing Industries of the Carolinas. Our attention to detail and experience makes the difference when it comes to providing you quality printing services.

Brochure Printing in Louisville, KY
Annual Reports in Louisville, KY

Our step-by-step approach

We are a 'one-stop' printing company with production facilities in Louisville, KY to produce all of your print and mail services needs. Choosing us is convenient and economical as we offer start to finish turnkey solutions, from design to printing to direct mailing and distributing your project wherever it needs to go.


We help you with designing the template of your brochure and booklet and other printed marketing materials. We have a team of creative experts who help you to meet the postal guidelines and give you product templates that meet all requirements. If you already have something prepared, you can send it to us. Our in-house printing experts will preflight and prepare it for printing and mailing.

Turnaround options

At Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays we offer a wide variety of timeframe options based on your unique needs and circumstances. Before the full print run begins, we will send you digital or printed samples for approval and only after we receive your consent will we go through with the printing of project. With our ability to print, bind and mail in house we have great flexibility in our ability to produce your job as quickly as you may need to fit your requirements.

Benefits of printed marketing materials

Effectively communicating your message to your target audience with brochures and booklet printing enables you to understand your clients and their needs. Some of the top benefits of having Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays produce your printed marketing materials are:

A wide range of distribution - Printed marketing materials help your business reach out to prospects and existing customers easily. You can hand them out in public places, give them to prospects during meetings or have us direct mail them to your contacts for you.

Affordable - Printed marketing materials are perhaps one of the most affordable options when it comes to communicating your brand. Brochures and booklets are customizable and offer a multitude of options that affect cost; such as a paperweight, colors, die-cutting and other finishing options, and discounts on bulk orders. When you are working with one of our representatives you will have many options that will allow your printing costs to be budget-friendly.

Customizable - You can design booklets and brochures in any way or any size you wish. The design should appeal to a multitude of end-users. The ability to do this form of targeted marketing not only catches your prospective customers' attention but also makes them feel that a customer is an important part of the business.

Quantifiable - You can measure the value of your printed marketing campaign. You may add a reference code tied to a discount promotion. Customers must mention the code to receive the discount when they visit your business. This helps to track the success of your campaign and measure the ROI. It also enables you to figure out what works and what does not.

Brochure Printing in Louisville, KY
Annual Reports in Louisville, KY

Why are we so good?

Our excellent customer service is the secret behind our success at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. We ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. We want to understand your need and application and provide you with the very best solution. If you recognize having quality printed marketing materials like brochures and booklets is important to effective branding, we are one of the leading printing companies in Louisville, KY to help you achieve your goal. We will get you through the process as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays was great. Easy and responsive. Highly recommended.

Jay Pfeifer
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