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Environmental graphic design, also known as experiential graphic design, is all about shaping the idea to create memorable experiences that connect people to a place. Environmental signage helps in providing people a good first introduction to a place they never visited earlier. Environmental graphics utilize multiple designing disciplines like graphic design, architectural, landscape and interior design to create a memorable experience. We, at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, are well-versed and adept at working in these disciplines.

Designing successful interiors

We understand the client and the project objectives in detail to guide environmental signage and address organizational needs. If you are an established business and want to add a wow factor in your business, take some time to look at your office space and the graphics or signage and question yourself the following:

  • Are your emotions affected, calm, happy, motivating or cheerful?
  • What does space communicate about the business it belongs to?
  • If there is signage already present, does it make it easy for you or for your customers to understand?
  • If there is graphic work already present, does it tell you something positive or inspiring about the business or people?
  • Is the graphic work pleasant to look at?

If you find difficulty in answering the above, feel free to contact us today for your environmental graphics project.

Environmental graphics offer a limitless potential to add the wow factor to your business space, be it the interior, the exterior or even connecting the two. It certainly helps to communicate your business efficiently.

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Tells your story strategically

Environmental signage is an incredible methodology to bring a space to life and can certainly help you in branding your space by giving it more strategic purpose while silently embodying your brand or communicating an impression of your organization. We cater to different requirements from different industries, for instance:

  • The healthcare industry wants its spaces to add comfort and heal.
  • The educational industry wants their space to inspire and motivate.
  • Retail clients seek their spaces to be eye-catching and subtly communicate their brand.

Despite different expectations from different industries, we at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays define a strategy to execute environmental graphics that meet your business goals and express your brand or impression effectively.

Environmental Graphics in Louisville, KY
Environmental Graphics in Louisville, KY

Create an engaging workplace

Environmental graphic applications can help in creating a more valuable workspace. They can develop a sense of belonging among your employees and make them feel valued by the organization. Environmental signage thus helps in inspiring the employees and impacts the business on a bigger scale.

Benefits of environmental graphics in our lives

They aid in free and smooth movement of members of the society, give warnings about dangers and hazards and directions to handle situations and objects.

An effective environmental graphics plan for a space or facility should be comprehensive and easy-to-use. We have thorough knowledge and understanding of the importance of environmental signage systems, and are considered a valuable partner in the production and installation of environmental graphics by many companies. We can help you integrate a story with your business space by producing and installing creative graphics and signage. We ensure that our environmental signage creates a memorable experience for you, your employees and your customers.

For more details please check our portfolio and Google reviews by our many satisfied customers. We are certain this will encourage you to book an appointment with us today!

Environmental Graphics in Louisville, KY

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