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In the vibrant business environment of Raleigh, NC, standing out is more than a goal—it's a necessity. At Heritage Signs & Displays, we understand that custom office signs are powerful branding tools that narrate your business story. Crafted from a variety of high-quality materials and finishes, our office signs blend functionality with exceptional visual appeal, transforming any interior space into a polished, professional environment that resonates with brand consistency.

Office signs serve as invaluable assets for businesses aiming to solidify their professional image and brand appeal. Through strategic design and placement, these signs play a pivotal role in establishing your brand identity, guiding customers seamlessly through your space, and fostering an inviting atmosphere that leaves a memorable impact on everyone who walks through your doors.

Office signs are more than mere decorations; they are essential components that define the essence of your brand and the professionalism of your business setting. Heritage Signs & Displays, a leader in the commercial sign industry, specializes in crafting custom office signs designed to achieve your branding objectives while creating a lasting impression on customers, employees, and visitors alike.

The following are some of the most commonly produced office signs, displays, and graphics that the Heritage team produces and installs to amplify workplace interiors in Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle Area.

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Customer Review

Once again, Heritage Signs has come through! Our Account Manager, James Zambrano, and our installer, Angel, both were great at keeping me in the loop with all aspects of design and installation. The proofs they provide prior to approval are exactly what it looks like as well. Everyone really likes how our latest additions to the office turned out! -

Joslyn Bredholt

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps have emerged as a transformative solution for businesses looking to make a bold statement within their office spaces. These large-scale graphics cover entire walls or sections thereof, instantly converting bland surfaces into vivid canvases of brand storytelling. Wall wraps serve as eye-catching advertisements that not only captivate the attention of employees and visitors but also stand out as unique elements of interior decor. Heritage Signs & Displays produces engaging, inspiring, and informative wall wraps that communicate your company's values, achievements, or even motivational messages. This customization allows businesses to create environments that reflect their brand identity while fostering a creative and stimulating workspace.

Window Graphics

Window graphics offer an innovative way to utilize glass surfaces for branding and privacy within office environments. These decals can transform windows and glass partitions into dynamic elements of design, serving multiple purposes such as enhancing aesthetic appeal, reinforcing brand presence, and providing varying levels of privacy. The versatility of window graphics lies in their ability to be customized with logos, brand colors, or thematic designs that resonate with the company's identity. Moreover, they can be strategically placed to attract the attention of both internal stakeholders and passersby, making them an effective tool for external branding as well.

Lobby Signs

The importance of lobby signs cannot be overstated when it comes to creating a lasting first impression. Serving as a focal point of reception areas, these signs welcome guests and employees alike, embodying the essence of a company's brand from the moment one steps into the office. Crafted from materials that range from elegant metal to sophisticated acrylic, lobby signs can be designed to reflect the professionalism and character of a business. Their placement, size, and design play a crucial role in establishing a sense of identity and prestige, making them a critical component of office signage and interior branding strategy.

Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl offers a sleek and modern solution for adding privacy and style to office interiors. Applied to glass partitions, doors, and windows, frosted vinyl simulates the appearance of etched glass at a fraction of the cost, providing a sense of seclusion without sacrificing natural light. This material is particularly valued for its flexibility in customization, allowing for the incorporation of company logos, patterns, or text that align with the brand’s visual identity. Beyond its functional benefits, frosted vinyl enhances the overall aesthetics of the workspace, contributing to a polished and cohesive look that speaks volumes about a company's attention to detail and brand consistency.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs represent a versatile and attractive signage option for businesses aiming to project a modern and sophisticated image. Known for their clear, glass-like quality and durability, acrylic signs can be used in various applications, from directional signage and room identifiers to impactful lobby displays. Their glossy finish and the ability to be cut into custom shapes or enhanced with dimensional letters make acrylic signs highly effective for branding purposes. Whether illuminated for added visibility or presented in their inherent sleekness, acrylic signs contribute to a refined office interior that aligns seamlessly with a company's branding efforts, offering a durable and visually appealing solution for conveying brand messages and values.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps serve as a unique and innovative way to transform the everyday elevator ride into an immersive brand experience. These custom printed vinyl wraps adhere to the exterior or interior surfaces of elevator doors and walls, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of their audience in a confined space. By customizing elevator wraps with vibrant graphics, logos, products, or services, companies can create impactful visual statements that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their office interiors but also reinforce their brand identity in the minds of employees and visitors alike. The dynamic nature of elevator wraps makes them an effective tool for advertising, storytelling, or simply adding a creative touch to the workplace environment.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are a sophisticated signage option that adds depth and texture to brand messages displayed within office spaces. Crafted from materials such as acrylic, metal, or foam, these raised letters create a striking visual impact by casting shadows and interacting with light in engaging ways. Whether mounted on lobby walls, above reception areas, or in other prominent locations, dimensional letters elevate the professional appearance of office interiors while providing clear, legible branding. Their three-dimensional effect enhances visibility and readability, making them an effective way to showcase company names, logos, or core values in a manner that is both elegant and memorable.

Wall Displays

Wall displays encompass a wide range of signage solutions designed to decorate office interiors, communicate brand messages, and engage viewers. From large-format prints and custom wall murals to informational panels and branded artwork, wall displays offer endless possibilities for creativity and customization. They allow businesses to utilize their office walls as canvases to tell their brand's story, showcase achievements, or simply create an inviting and inspiring environment for employees and visitors. By carefully selecting imagery, colors, and designs that reflect the company's identity and values, wall displays can significantly contribute to shaping a cohesive and impactful brand experience within the workplace.

Standoff Mounted Signs

Standoff mounted signs add an element of sophistication and depth to office signage, featuring letters or panels that are mounted away from the wall with the use of standoffs—creating a floating effect. This mounting technique not only enhances the dimensional quality of the sign but also introduces interesting shadows and depth that attract attention and interest. Ideal for displaying company names, department identifiers, or directional information, standoff mounted signs bring a modern, architectural feel to office interiors. Their versatility in terms of materials and finishes allows for customization that can complement any corporate aesthetic, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a subtle yet powerful branding statement.

LED Backlit Signs

LED backlit signs stand out for their ability to illuminate a brand's message, quite literally shining a light on company logos, names, or promotional content. The integration of energy-efficient LED lighting behind the sign elements ensures that these signs grab attention at all times of the day, enhancing visibility and impact. Perfect for reception areas, lobbies, or exterior signs visible during nighttime, LED backlit signs create a high-end, technological vibe that can significantly boost a brand's perceived value. The glowing effect not only highlights the sign's content but also contributes to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambiance of office interiors.

Heritage Signs & Displays Produces and Installs Top-Tier Office Signs in Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle Area

Heritage Signs & Displays stands as a beacon of quality and professionalism in the commercial signage industry, serving companies and organizations in Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle Area. With a rich history of producing top-tier office signs and environmental graphics, our reputation is built on a foundation of unparalleled service and craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence has not only garnered us numerous accolades but has also cultivated 5-star ratings from our satisfied customers. By partnering with us, you're choosing a team dedicated to crafting signage that not only embodies your brand's essence but also distinguishes you from the competition and elevates your company's image in the eyes of your clients.

Office Signs in Raleigh, NC

Our Signage Experts Make the Sign Creation and Installation Processes Easy

At Heritage Signs & Displays, simplicity meets expertise in the creation and installation of your new office signs. From the moment you get in touch, our seasoned professionals are at your service, ready to guide you through designing signage that aligns with your brand's identity, spatial needs, and financial considerations. Our commitment to using only premium materials and cutting-edge printing technology ensures that your signage will stand the test of time in both durability and design. Our skilled team is here to support you through every phase, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to completion, with a focus on delivering superior outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Office Signs in Raleigh, NC

Office Signs FAQs

There are various types of office signs available to suit different needs and spaces, including but not limited to:

Lobby Signs: Welcoming signs that create a strong first impression.

Directional Signs: For guiding visitors and employees within the office space.

Door Nameplates: Personalized signs for identifying individual offices or conference rooms.

ADA Compliant Signage: Signs that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility.

Wall Murals and Graphics: Custom graphics that enhance the workplace environment.

Safety Signs: Essential for marking exits, emergency routes, and health & safety regulations.

Choosing the right sign depends on several factors:

Purpose: Determine whether the sign is for branding, navigation, compliance, or decoration.

Location: Consider where the sign will be placed for optimal visibility and functionality.

Brand Identity: Ensure the design aligns with your company’s branding guidelines, including colors, logos, and overall aesthetic.

Budget: Identify your budget to explore options that offer the best value without compromising quality.

Absolutely! Customization is key to creating effective office signage. When you create new office signs with us, we offer a plethora of customization services, including:

Size and Shape: Tailored to fit the designated space perfectly.

Design Elements: Incorporating your brand's logo, colors, and fonts.

Material Choices: From acrylic and metal to vinyl and glass, depending on the sign’s purpose and desired aesthetic.

Illumination Options: LED backlighting or edge lighting for added impact, especially for lobby and exterior signs.

The production and installation timeline can vary based on:

Complexity of Design: Custom designs or intricate details may require additional time.

Material Availability: Depending on the chosen materials, there might be lead times to consider.

Quantity: A larger number of signs will naturally take longer to produce and install.

Installation Requirements: Some installations might be straightforward, while others could require specialized equipment or conditions.

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your office signs. Here are some general tips:

Regular Cleaning: Use appropriate cleaning agents based on the material of your sign. Avoid harsh chemicals on sensitive materials like acrylic.

Inspection: Periodically check for any damages, wear, or electrical issues (for illuminated signs).

Professional Maintenance: Our signage experts can help you with proper maintenance tips for your new office signs.

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