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Our Indoor Sign Services Create Impactful and Engaging Interior Environments

An often-overlooked aspect of advertising for many Maryland businesses is using indoor signs as a branding opportunity. Signs, displays, banners, and other forms of advertising are usually placed outside and are intended to attract customers into your lobby, storefront, or entryway. But what about once your customers are inside? What message do you want to communicate to them? Is there a story you want to tell? How do you want them to interact with your employees or remember your brand?

Indoor signs are the next stage of the process, whereby a customer’s initial interest in your organization’s products or services can convert into recurring business. Indoor signs serve a multitude of functions for companies and organizations across Maryland, especially in Baltimore and Annapolis, which are crowded with industries and institutions competing for their customers’ attention. But the ones succeeding at gaining the attention of their target audiences are companies that utilize indoor signs to their fullest potential. Commercial interior signage is more than just an opportunity to display your company’s name, information, products, or slogans. They’re a necessary component of your overall branding strategy, giving your business the edge over your competitors.

Indoor Signs Should Be as Unique as Your Company

What makes indoor signs special is that they can take on a variety of forms and serve an array of functions, meant to engage both your customers and employees. Whether they’re meant to amplify your lobby, storefront, hallways, meeting rooms, or showroom, indoor signs need to create an experience, not just communicate information. The most important thing about your indoor signage is that it’s as unique as your company and that it emphasizes the goals of your organization, whether your signage is intended for a temporary promotion or meant to remind your employees of your organization’s mission or core values.

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Acrylic Signs

More durable and less expensive than glass, acrylic makes an excellent and highly customizable option for creating your custom indoor sign. Acrylic is the preferred material for office signs because it is readily customizable. Acrylic signs can be multi-layered, made into standoff signs, etched, or mounted onto walls for prominently displaying your logo.

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters give a 3D effect to your company name or logo, enabling it to stand out from the wall and communicating professionalism for your brand. Dimensional letters are often made of acrylic, however, they can be made of PVC substrate. Some designs incorporate LED lighting. Dimensional letters can be printed, routed, and created into your own custom shapes and patterns, thus the options for customization are endless.

Interior Backlit LED Signs

Backlit LED signs literally make your brand shine by adding illumination to your custom sign. Used in conjunction with other types of signs such as acrylic or freestanding, Backlit LED adds an ambiance and presence that non-illuminated signs simply can’t match! Backlit LED signs are energy efficient as well as customizable in terms of colors and strobing effects, if desired.

Wall Displays

Perhaps the most eye-catching way to capture your audience’s attention is with custom wall displays. Custom wall displays accentuate your promotions, company values, or other important information, creating an unforgettable part of your corporate space. Wall displays can take on any shape and have a multitude of elements such as LED lighting to accessorize your sign and add to the impact. For ultimate effect, wall displays can be directly mounted to your interior walls creating a seamless integration between your brand and environment.

There’s No Limit to What Interior Company Signs Can Look Like

These are only some of the possibilities for your indoor sign and what materials can be used. We offer abundant options of materials to ensure that your indoor sign creates precisely the impression that you want. Ultimately, we want your indoor sign to reflect what makes your company special. The more unique the signage, the better it will communicate your brand!

Interior Company Signs in Southern Maryland

What Makes Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays Different Than Other Sign Makers

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays has been serving Southern Maryland since 1977. As a business with production facilities located in Waldorf, Maryland, we understand what businesses large and small throughout the state and surrounding regions need to stand out. We’ve accumulated decades of experience with corporate interior signage and other forms of custom displays. Transforming commercial interior spaces has become our specialty. Our team has excelled at providing commercial interior signage, environmental displays, meeting room graphics, and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us the leading makers of custom signs and displays in Southern Maryland, including larger metropolitan areas such as Baltimore and Annapolis. Our 5-star Google reviews, repeat clients, and long-lasting relationships reflect the degree to which we’ve made a positive, transformative impact on those we serve.

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Award-Winning Signage That We Locally Produce and Install

From the first time that a member of your team reaches out to Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, you experience our commitment to outstanding customer service. One of our project managers assesses your project’s goals, your budget, your timeline for implementation, and your installation site within your company space. Next, our team visits your office to gather measurements and to double-check the installation location and surfaces. Once our proposal has been created and approved by your team, our sign installation team visits your company space once more to install your indoor sign with minimal interruption to your normal workflow. The whole process is transparent, efficient, and designed to leave you impressed with the results and eager to work with us again.

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If you’re looking to create indoor signage that delights customers and employees while leaving a lasting impression on your brand, give Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays a call! Our project managers can’t wait to work with you to create custom indoor signs that will optimize your company’s branding and inspire your coworkers. Call us at (301) 843-1997 or get a free online quote today!

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