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Our Wayfinding and Directional Signs Help Attendees Navigate Event Environments Effectively

In the bustling atmosphere of event spaces, clarity and direction are not just needs—they are essentials. Attendees at events, conferences, conventions, and other gatherings need to navigate your event showroom safely as well as keep up to date on important event information and locations One of the key factors to keeping your event space navigable and appealing with wayfinding signs that are colorful, branded, and helpful. Wayfinding signs help visitors throughout your event space or showroom navigate to their point of interest. They guide your visitors to your egress points, rest areas, and other areas of the venue.

Wayfinding Signs Can Take on a Variety of Forms

Wayfinding signs need to be varied and purposeful to guide your customers and employees throughout your event environment. The materials used and the purpose of each piece of wayfinding signage should reflect its installation site and function. Whatever your company or organization desires for your wayfinding signage, the team at Heritage Signs & Displays can custom cut and print just about any sign in just about any shape with our CNC router and laser cutter/etching technologies. We fabricate wayfinding signs signage that not only conforms to your business’ unique branding and imagery, but transforms your event environment for the better.

Wayfinding signs are typically for providing direction within a particular space, but the same rules apply if the signage is meant to be installed outdoors or if your facility has interior and exterior zones. Wayfinding signs need to make it easy to find the designated portions of your building, with consistent visual communication and messaging. Eliminating unnecessary messaging and placing your directional signs in the right places on the outside and inside of your building will assist everyone, employees, and customers alike, with navigating your space.

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Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are not just decorative elements; they are powerful tools in guiding your attendees through your event. With our expertly designed wall wraps, corridors and halls become a journey, leading participants effortlessly to their destinations. Our team leverages vibrant colors, bold designs, and clear messaging to ensure that your event's branding is both seen and felt, turning ordinary spaces into memorable experiences.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are an innovative way to direct traffic and enhance attendee navigation throughout your event. Our custom-designed floor graphics are more than just arrows on the ground; they are curated pathways that guide your guests seamlessly from point A to B. Utilizing non-slip, durable materials, we ensure that our floor graphics stand up to high foot traffic while maintaining your event’s aesthetic integrity.

Meter Boards

Meter boards are the unsung heroes of event signage, offering a versatile platform for conveying vital information, schedules, and branding messages. Our custom meter boards are designed with clarity and impact in mind, ensuring that every piece of information catches the eye and engages the audience. Whether it's directing attendees to different sections or highlighting sponsors, our signage experts craft meter boards that are both informative and visually compelling, making them indispensable tools for effective event management.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a fundamental element of effective event signage. Heritage Signs & Displays produces banners that command attention, whether you seek to promote your event, highlight sponsors, or guide attendees. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our banners are crafted from premium materials that ensure longevity and vibrancy. Elevate your event with our custom vinyl banners and make a statement that's impossible to ignore.

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays to Make Your Wayfinding Signage?

Heritage Signs & Displays is a veteran-owned sign shop that specializes in the production and installation of environmental graphics, custom signs, and trade show displays, as well as commercial printing. The Heritage team has accumulated decades of experience fabricating and installing custom signs, wraps, displays, and other custom branding for companies and organizations. What makes us stand out from other sign makers is our dedication to our customers. Not only do we seek to transform business interiors for the better, but we also seek to form lasting relationships with our clients. We are at our happiest when we can provide outstanding customer service for clients more than once and with a variety of creative solutions.

Wayfinding Signs

A Preview of the Heritage Team’s Process

Getting started with the team at Heritage Signs & Displays couldn’t be simpler. When you reach out to us, we put you in contact with one of our project managers, who will assess your project’s needs, scope, budget, timeline, installation site, materials, image assets, and other considerations. We’ll conduct an onsite survey, in which we’ll take measurements and assess the installation surfaces before we send the final proposal. Finally, an installation date is set, and our team installs your signage quickly and efficiently. Our team makes sure to treat the members of your team with outstanding customer service and straightforward service every step of the way.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs FAQs

Effective wayfinding signage can greatly improve the customer experience in corporate spaces in several ways. Wayfinding signs can help customers navigate through a space easily and efficiently. This reduces the time and effort spent by customers trying to find their way, resulting in a more positive experience. Wayfinding signs can create a sense of professionalism and organization within a corporate space. This can convey a positive image of the company to customers and leave a lasting impression. Moreover, wayfinding signage can also improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. By following ADA guidelines and providing accessible routes and signs, corporations can ensure equal access for all customers.

A successful wayfinding sign should have the following key elements:

Clear and legible text: The text on a wayfinding sign should be easy to read and understand, with a font size and style that is appropriate for the viewing distance.

Simple and concise messaging: Wayfinding signs should convey information in a straightforward manner, using minimal words or symbols to avoid confusion.

Use of recognizable symbols and icons: Using universally understood symbols and icons can help convey information quickly and efficiently to customers, especially those who may not speak the language or have limited literacy.

Consistent design: Keeping a consistent design throughout all wayfinding signs in a space will create a cohesive visual experience for customers and make it easier for them to navigate.

Interior wayfinding signs are typically made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear, as well as being visually appealing. Some common materials used for interior wayfinding signs include:

Acrylic: Acrylic is commonly used due to its durability and flexibility in design options. It can be easily shaped, cut, and printed on.

Metal: Metal signs are strong and long-lasting, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas. They can also be customized with different finishes and textures.

Vinyl: Vinyl signs are cost-effective and versatile, with options for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be easily printed on and are weather-resistant.

Wood: Wooden signs add a natural and rustic touch to indoor spaces. They can be carved, painted, or printed on depending on the desired look.

Color and contrast play a crucial role in making wayfinding signage effective. The right combination of colors can help guide customers' attention to important information and make it easier for them to navigate through a space. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Use high contrast: High contrast between background and text colors can make the sign more visible and legible, especially for customers with visual impairments.

Keep it simple: Avoid using too many colors on one sign as it can be overwhelming and confusing. Stick to a simple color palette that is easy on the eyes.

Consider lighting: The lighting in a space can affect how colors appear, so it's important to test signage in different lighting conditions for optimal visibility.

Wayfinding systems can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs and layout of a space. Here are some common installation methods:

Wall-mounted: Signs can be mounted directly onto walls using screws or adhesive mounts to create impactful standoff mounted signs or wall displays.

Ceiling-hung: For larger spaces or areas with high ceilings, signs can be suspended from the ceiling using hooks or cables.

Freestanding: Wayfinding signs can also be installed as standalone structures, such as information kiosks or directories.

Floor graphics: In some cases, floor graphics can be used to guide customers through a space or highlight important areas.

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