The Christmas Tree Story

Christmas Tree

Each year we celebrate Christmas with family, friends and co-workers, many of us erect an evergreen tree in our homes as a symbol of Christmas, below is my version of the meaning of the Christmas Tree.



The initial historical mention of using the evergreen at Christmas was in 12th century Germany, and it was referred to as a “Paradise Tree”. An evergreen fir was erected during the Christmas season as a symbol of the tree of life, which was in the Garden of Eden. The evergreen fir was considered a sign of hope that the spring season was forthcoming, because the fir endured the harsh European winters. Simply enough, through Jesus Christ, we have the hope of everlasting life.

In short; the evergreen lives through winter (difficult times) without fading or losing its needles, many people believe the Christmas Tree represents the immortality of the resurrected Christ.

The lights on the first Christmas Tree were candles, which were to symbolize Christ and his eternal life gift to us. Candles give us light and warmth as it consumes the wax, it’s made from, Jesus gave of his own substance, his life (wax), so that we might find a divine light. Once we discover the divine light for ourselves, we can, through the power of the Holy Spirit, give of ourselves to others.


Thank you to all our friends, vendors and customers, we exist for you and we appreciate your support.

Everyone here at Heritage wishes you a very Merry Christmas!



Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
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Second Surface Printing

Second Surface Window Graphics

Business owners and managers understand what storefront window graphics are and how effective they are in promoting foot traffic. What they don’t know is how the vinyl is printed.

Second surface is the practice of printing on the face (adhesive side) of the vinyl. This process enables the vinyl to be installed inside the building, away from the outdoor elements. Second surface graphics are protected from weather and exploring hands thus typically have a longer life expectancy than first surface.

Second surface graphics are printed in a “mirror image” to be a right reading image for viewers. A print ready image for second surface will be inverted in order to print as a first surface piece.

It’s more than just vinyl!

Second surface is used on many acrylic signage, it provides a richer, elegant appearance of the sign, especially a standoff lobby sign. Printing directly to the substrate, albeit acrylic, vinyl or glass, is done with any image, regardless of orientation.

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Four Facts You Need to Know About Heritage Custom Signs & Displays

FACT #1 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has many satisfied clients.

We hear from many first time clients that have worked with other companies before us that they have been disappointed by the lack of certainty they had when going through an automation only process with other online sign companies. At Heritage you have access to real, live printing professionals that can walk you step by step through the process. They make sure that what you are hoping to accomplish is achieved without drama.

Customer service is a critical component when committing to any purchase. Feeling comfortable and secure during the purchase process is important. In today’s world much of the human interaction is taken out of many transactions with online purchases free communicating with a real person. When it comes to the printing of custom signs it is important that person to person interaction never gets lost because of the amount of detail that is involved.

FACT #2 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has a strong Graphic Prepress Department to Serve You.

Preparing customer files for production is a skill that is critical to the success of any project. It’s common place for most signage orders to need some degree of assistance to prepare them properly for good final application. Let our team of professionals prepare your graphics for production with an understanding of what has to happen to the image once it gets to the store, office or venue. This is critical to a final product that is effective.

FACT #3 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays specializes in “Hair on Fire” orders to fulfill last minute, overnight projects and deliver them on schedule.

On-time delivery is a necessity in the sign printing industry, many times the sign your order is time sensitive and must arrive on schedule for an event. Delays add stress and anxiety to a high intensity event, most delays can be avoided with a dynamic process of design, proofing, production and delivery.

FACT #4 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has a full-time staff of experienced professional installers.

This reduces the changes of miscommunication and insures a seamless process of design, produce and install with just one company Our installers have years of experience and enjoy making our clients very satisfied with the final product.

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