Custom Meter Boards and other Event Signs and Graphics Transform Event Environments and Positively Impact Trade Shows and Conventions in Raleigh, NC

At Heritage Signs & Displays, we understand that event branding is an essential aspect of any successful event. It helps to create a memorable experience that attendees will remember long after the event has ended. One effective way to enhance event branding in Raleigh, NC, is by using meter boards. Meter boards, also known as information boards or signage, are large display boards that contain information about the event. They can be placed at strategic locations throughout the event venue to provide attendees with important information about the event, such as the schedule, sponsors, and directions. Meter boards can be made in various sizes and shapes, depending on your event's needs.

Meter boards are a great way to showcase your event branding. With their large size, they offer plenty of space to showcase your event's logo, colors, and design elements. By incorporating your event branding into the meter boards, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing look that will attract attendees' attention.

Meter boards are an effective way to showcase your event sponsors. By including your sponsors' logos and branding on the meter boards, you can help increase their visibility and promote their involvement in your event. This can be particularly beneficial if you're looking to attract sponsors for future events.

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Meter Boards in Raleigh, NC

Meter Boards Provide Direction

Meter boards are an excellent way to provide attendees with directions and information about the event. By placing them at strategic locations throughout the venue, attendees can easily find the information they need. This can help to reduce confusion and create a smoother event experience by serving as wayfinding signage.

Meter Boards Create a Memorable Experience

Meter boards can help to create a memorable experience for attendees. By incorporating eye-catching design and showcasing event information, attendees will be more likely to remember your event long after it has ended. This can be particularly important if you're looking to build brand recognition and attract attendees to future events.

Meter Boards in Raleigh, NC
Meter Boards in Raleigh, NC

Meter Boards Increase Attendee Engagement

Meter boards can be used to increase attendee engagement. By incorporating interactive elements, such as QR codes, attendees can easily access additional information about the event or participate in activities. This can help to create a more engaging and interactive event experience.

Heritage Signs & Displays Creates Impactful Meter Boards for Events in Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle Area

Heritage Signs & Displays is a top-rated sign shop specializing in creating immersive and impactful workplace interiors and event environments in Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle Area. We are a veteran-owned company with over four decades of experience in environmental graphics, custom signs, event environments, and commercial printing. Our mission is to help companies create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on their customers and clients. We believe that our success is a result of our commitment to delivering 5-star customer service and high-quality products. Our team has the expertise and experience to bring your brand to life.

Meter Boards in Raleigh, NC
Meter Boards in Raleigh, NC

Our Talented Signage Team Makes Meter Boards Built to Last

One of our specialties at Heritage Signs & Displays is creating impactful meter boards that transform event environments into immersive brand experiences and amplify your branding at events or trade shows. We are an experienced team of sign installers that make the sign creation process straightforward and simple, from the first conversation you have with one of our project managers through to the final installation. Our meter boards are designed and printed using the latest printing technologies and techniques, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your branding goals and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Meter Boards FAQs

Eye-Catching Display: Whether opting for a single or double-sided design, meter boards demand attention from all angles.

Personalized Approach: Reflecting your brand's unique identity, these boards come in assorted sizes and can be custom-shaped to accentuate your brand's distinctiveness.

Robust Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials like 1/2" thick Ultraboard, these displays offer a durable, premium look that remains flat, avoiding the pitfalls of conventional foam core alternatives.

Multi-Purpose Utility: Ideal for trade shows, corporate gatherings, and beyond, meter boards play multiple roles, from directing foot traffic to highlighting vital information or promotions.

Sleek and Sophisticated: A well-designed meter board radiates professionalism and precision, enhancing how your brand is perceived by potential clients and partners.

Meter boards stand out due to their unique combination of visibility, personalized touch, and polished appearance, making them a strategic addition to any marketing strategy. Whether elevating your presence at trade shows or guiding attendees at events, meter boards deliver unmatched value and influence.

Crafted with care, our meter boards are designed to make a lasting impression. Utilizing durable ½” thick foam core, each board is meticulously shaped to reflect the very soul of your brand. Engineered with bespoke feet for unparalleled steadiness, our meter boards proudly rise above the hustle and bustle of any event.

Meter boards are crafted to endure multiple events, if needed. These boards are meticulously designed to brave all weather conditions and the passage of time. By utilizing a ½” thick foam core material, we guarantee a resilient, high-quality finish that stands strong against warping and harm. This durable construction secures your message with unwavering strength, absolute clarity, and an enduring allure no matter the setting.

Meter boards have the potential for repurposing beyond their initial use. Not just a one-time event solution, these displays are crafted with sustainability and durability at their core. They offer versatility for multiple occasions, serving as a cost-effective and eco-conscious branding option. Our meter boards are constructed to withstand time and evolve with your brand, ensuring long-lasting impact.

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Meter boards are an effective way to enhance event branding in Raleigh, NC. By incorporating eye-catching design, promoting sponsors, providing direction, creating a memorable experience, and increasing attendee engagement, they can help to elevate your event and make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re in the Raleigh, NC area and want to make new meter boards in time for your event, contact Heritage Signs & Displays at (984) 389-8752 or Get a Quote using our free online form.

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