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Showcase your brand with popular event signage that attracts prospects to your space. Your brand is an important tool in your marketing strategy, so let our team help you promote your brand with visual communication tools like signage and graphics. Event displays and backdrops are perfect for events or trade shows because they help you stand out from the other vendors and direct people towards your booth or area.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd at a big event, but with event towers and vibrant backdrops, your booth or section will stand out from the crowd. Being seen at events is one thing, but being remembered at events is another, so help your brand be remembered with visuals that engage your customers and leave them talking about it for days after.

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For event hosts, we can help them effectively navigate around the event and scheduled activities without confusion using meter boards and directional signage. With wayfinding signage and meter boards to direct people, you are helping take the stress out of finding their points of interest and creating a relaxed atmosphere that your attendees will enjoy and engage more with the sponsors, vendors, and other attendees.

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Wayfinding Signage consists of signage and meter boards that help point your event attendees in the correct direction and funnel traffic within your event. Helping your attendees understand the layout of your event and when and where your event is located can help take the stress out of getting turned around or lost at a big venue.

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Backdrops and banners are popular event signage that is visually appealing and communicates to your customers through dynamic words and graphics.

Event towers are magnificent displays that engage your customers from the moment they walk into your event. With their elevated height and unique design, event towers draw the eye of attendees and invoke curiosity to get a closer look at your tower.

Event Signage in Louisville, KY

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Event Signage in Louisville, KY
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I had a great experience with Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. I worked with James and he was incredibly responsive, communicative, and helpful. We had a bigger project with lots of large banner graphics and vinyl prints. Their print and finishing quality was great. We had some late last minute requests but James always did his best to help us get the requests produced. I'm truly looking forward to working with James again.

Serenil Sierra

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