What Are Standoff Mounted Signs?

Standoff mounted signs are a popular and versatile type of signage that are commonly used in corporate interiors. These signs are attached to a wall or other surface using stainless steel standoffs, which give the sign a floating appearance. This creates a sense of depth and dimension that is sure to impress visitors to the space. The sleek and modern aesthetic of standoff mounted signs makes them a popular choice for a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large corporations.

The Branding Advantages of Standoff Mounted Signs

Standoff mounted signs offer numerous branding advantages for companies in Louisville, KY. One of the most significant advantages is that these signs allow for a high level of customization, allowing businesses to create signs that perfectly match their branding and design elements. Additionally, the floating appearance of standoff mounted signs creates a sense of sophistication and elegance that can help to enhance a company's image and reputation. Furthermore, standoff mounted signs are incredibly durable, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and ensuring that they will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Whether it's acrylic signs with dimensional lettering, lobby signs, interior signs, timeline wall displays, wayfinding signs, or LED backlit signs, standoff mounted signs offer a wide range of options to suit any business' needs.

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Examples of Standoff Mounted Signs

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are a common application for standoff mounted signs. These displays are typically placed in the lobby or reception area of a building and are designed to make a strong first impression on visitors. Lobby signs can be precision laser cut and customized to include a company's logo, name, and other important information, such as hours of operation or contact information.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a popular choice for standoff mounted signs due to their durability and resistance to fading. They are also lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These signs can be customized to include a company's logo, name, and other important information, making them a great option for lobby signs or interior signs meant to amplify other corporate interiors such as meeting spaces or showrooms.

LED Backlit Signs

LED backlit signs are another popular option for standoff mounted signs. These signs utilize LED lights to illuminate the acrylic or other signage material, creating a striking and eye-catching impression. This is particularly effective for signs that are used in dimly lit areas or at night. LED backlit signs can be used to create an attractive and engaging display that stands out even in low-light conditions. LED also offers a plethora of color and illumination options to create dazzling effects.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are an essential component of interior design, especially for larger buildings. Standoff mounted signs are an ideal choice for wayfinding signs because they are easy to read, highly visible, and can be mounted at different heights to accommodate different viewing angles. These signs can be used to guide visitors through a building and help them find their destination while remaining compliant with ADA regulations.

Core Values Wall Displays

Make your company's core values stand out by creating a custom-made wall display. Using laser-cut signs and sturdy materials such as acrylic, metal, or wood, core values wall displays align with your branding and highlight the foundational principles that define your business. These displays and other interior wallscapes showcase your company's unique identity and set it apart from the competition.

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering is another key component of standoff mounted signs. This technique involves creating letters that have depth and dimension, rather than being flat. This adds a level of visual interest and makes the sign stand out from the background. Dimensional lettering can be used on acrylic signs to create a professional and modern appearance.

Custom Displays

Sometimes your standoff mounted signs require a unique combination of signage elements or materials to make a custom sign or display that’s one of a kind and reflects what makes your organization special. Whatever your goal for your new sign, employing standoffs will ensure three-dimensional depth and visual appeal for all who encounter them in your space.

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays Installs Award-Winning Standoff Mounted Signs in Louisville, KY

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, an award-winning sign company located in Louisville, KY. We specialize in creating and installing standoff mounted signs, commercial interior graphics, trade show displays, and commercial printing for businesses in the Bluegrass State. With over four decades of experience, we have been serving clients in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with advanced wide-format printing technology, streamlined installation procedures, transparent communication, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our relationships with our clients and the quality of the signs and graphics we produced have earned us hundreds of 5-star reviews from our clients and numerous regional and national awards for our work.

Standoff Mounted Signs in Louisville, KY

Our Team Makes Sign Installation Stress-Free, Simple, and Collaborative for Our Clients

In the decades we have been in business, the Heritage team has refined the sign installation and removal process to maximize efficiency and respect your time and budget. We design standoff mounted signs and assemble them with high quality, durable materials that are built to last. Our project managers have years of experience servicing organizations like yours. When a member of your team contacts us, we assess your deadlines, budgets, timeline for completion, potential challenges within the installation space, and other needs you may have. We provide proofs and conduct thorough site surveys prior to the final installation to ensure that the process moves efficiently, respecting your time and reducing potential interruptions to your workday. Our goal is to leave your space transformed with signs designed to leave a lasting impact on customers and employees alike.

Standoff Mounted Signs in Louisville, KY

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