How to install an EZ Tube Backdrop

Brent uses his time-lapse video to quickly demonstrate how easy he can set up a 8 x 20 EZ Tube, double-sided, pipe and drape display.

Brent advises using two people, but he can assemble the display himself. The poles are numbered for easy matching and connection.

  1. Assemble the aluminum tubes with the tent pole push button spring snap clip locking tube pins.
  2. Screw the feet to the bottom poles with the provided screws, the Allen wrench is also provided.
  3. Connect the support poles and insert into the per-drilled holes.
  4. Slide the pillow case display over the frame evenly, the sewn seams should center on the top poles.
  5. Zip the display fabric closed underneath the frame hardware.
  6. Repeat in reverse order to disassemble.

The hardware is made from lightweight, hollow aluminum and is intended for indoor display use. The display is made from a stretch, polyblend fabric and can be single or double side printed. Zippers are sewn into the bottom sections to secure the fabric to the hardware.

Sizes include: 8’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 20’ with 5’ table top versions also available. EZ Tube displays are offered in straight, curved and the S-Pattern.