The Branding Value of Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are vinyl graphics that are safely secured to company vehicles to take your company’s branding on the road. Wherever your corporate vehicles go, whether on an installation, a client visit, or delivery, your vehicles take your company’s name and information wherever they go. Fleet graphics provide an invaluable branding opportunity because pedestrians and other motorists can see your company’s phone number or website information.

Things to Consider Before Creating Your Fleet Graphics

There are a huge variety of designs and types of vinyl decals available to outfit your vehicles with that are durable and removable, and today’s printing technology allows you to outfit anything from a small carrier van to a semi-truck with a custom design very affordably. Some factors you’ll want to consider include:

1. Design

The most important aspect of any fleet graphic is the design. What do you want your fleet graphics to say about your company, such as the imagery or the messages you want to communicate? Make sure that the content of your graphics is enough to draw in your target audiences and ensure that your brand creates a lasting impression.

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2. Location

The location of your vinyl graphics on your company vehicles plays just as much of a role in boosting your company’s brand as the content of the fleet graphics themselves. You’ll want to place your design for maximum impact, so choose where you think it will be visible to most people. Consider tailoring your vehicle decal to a certain audience if you’re in a specific area of the country or city. Parking your vehicles in high-visibility areas when not in use also ensures they’ll be working for you even when they aren’t being driven around town.

Fleet Graphics in Louisville, KY

3. Durability

Finally, consider how durable you want your graphics to be. If you plan on changing it from time to time, you can opt for a more temporary adhesive that will keep your graphic safely secured and easier to remove when it’s time to switch it out. If you want your vinyl graphics on your fleet vehicle for as long as possible, choose a more durable material and more permanent adhesive.

Fleet Graphics in Louisville, KY

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays to Make Your Fleet Graphics?

Heritage Signs & Displays has a reputation for excellence in printing and installing award-winning signs and displays for clients throughout Louisville, KY. We are a veteran-owned company that seeks to build lasting relationships with our clients. As such, we are committed to providing each client with exceptional service, speedy turnaround times, and installations that our team provides with minimal interruptions to your workday. We leave each of our clients satisfied with the work we do.

Heritage Signs & Displays in Louisville, KY

An Overview of the Heritage Installation Process

Heritage Signs & Displays wants to get to know you and your needs. The first step in our process is calling one of our project managers to discuss your commercial fleet wrap needs, your budget, and any concerns you may have. We will also inspect the vehicles to ensure there are no unusual circumstances to consider, including the removal of existing graphics. Once we have the full scope of the project, we’ll create a timeline and provide you with a free estimate of the cost. Once the print is finalized, we’ll schedule an installation time with you and an onsite review of the graphic. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, expert installation, and speedy turnaround times.

Heritage Signs & Displays in Louisville, KY

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Ready to create new fleet graphics for your company vehicles in Louisville, KY? The team at Heritage Signs & Displays is here to help you make your rebranded vehicle dreams a reality! Call us at (502) 576-7599 to speak to one of our project managers or use our free online form to Get A Quote.

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