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We Produce and Install custom ADA Signs to enhance Wayfinding and Directional functionality in Office and Workplace Environments

ADA signage is crucial in the design of workplace interiors, serving both to meet legal requirements and to enhance the functionality of spaces for inclusivity and accessibility. These signs are crafted according to specific guidelines, ensuring that everyone, including those with disabilities, can navigate office environments safely and effectively. Within the corporate setting, ADA signs play a key role in providing straightforward, comprehensible directions to employees and visitors alike, irrespective of their physical capabilities.

The significance of ADA signs goes beyond simply adhering to federal laws; they represent a business's dedication to fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all. Positioned strategically throughout office interiors, these signs identify critical locations such as exits, bathrooms, staircases, elevators, and other key areas, making it easier for people with visual impairments or other disabilities to orient themselves. Features like high-contrast colors, tactile elements, braille, and appropriate mounting heights are essential to the effectiveness of ADA signs in achieving their goal.

Additionally, ADA signage plays a pivotal role in facilitating smooth movement within offices, reducing confusion, and increasing the overall flow of traffic. By clearly marking specific areas and amenities, these signs help alleviate congestion and enhance safety within the workplace. Ultimately, ADA signs are indispensable elements of corporate interiors, promoting a culture of respect, safety, and equal opportunity for everyone who visits or works within these spaces.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs serve as a versatile and visually appealing option for ADA-compliant and directional signage. Their durability and clarity make them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring that messages remain vibrant and legible over time. These signs can be customized with high-contrast colors, large fonts, and non-glare finishes to accommodate individuals with visual impairments, aligning with ADA requirements. Additionally, acrylic signs can incorporate tactile elements such as raised letters or braille for those who rely on touch to navigate. Their sleek and modern appearance allows for clear communication of directions, room identifications, and informational content, making them a practical and stylish solution for accessible signage.

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Once again, Heritage Signs has come through! Our Account Manager, James Zambrano, and our installer, Angel, both were great at keeping me in the loop with all aspects of design and installation. The proofs they provide prior to approval are exactly what it looks like as well. Everyone really likes how our latest additions to the office turned out! -

Joslyn Bredholt

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters add depth and a tactile quality to signage, enhancing visibility and readability for ADA compliance. These raised letters can be crafted from various materials such as metal, acrylic, or wood, offering a range of textures for tactile feedback. When used in directional and ADA signs, dimensional letters help to create a more interactive experience for individuals with visual impairments by allowing them to physically feel the signage. The 3D aspect also catches the eye, making these signs more noticeable and easier to read from a distance. Dimensional letters can be customized to meet ADA standards for font size, color contrast, and mounting height, ensuring that the signage is both functional and accessible to all.

Standoff Mounted Signs

Standoff mounted signs provide a sophisticated and accessible signage solution, especially suitable for ADA-compliant environments. Mounting the sign away from the wall on standoffs, creates a floating effect that not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also improves tactile accessibility. This mounting technique allows for easier interaction with tactile features, such as braille or raised letters, making the information accessible to individuals with visual impairments. The elevated positioning of standoff mounted signs also ensures that they can be placed at optimal heights and locations, adhering to ADA guidelines for accessibility and visibility. Their distinctive appearance and practical design make them an effective choice for directional and informational signage in inclusive spaces.

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps transform large surfaces into informative and engaging visual aids that can enhance wayfinding and ADA compliance. By covering entire walls with high-quality vinyl graphics, these wraps can integrate directional cues, maps, and important information directly into the decor. Wall wraps designed with high-contrast colors and large, legible text support accessibility by improving visibility for those with visual impairments. Although primarily decorative, when thoughtfully designed, wall wraps can also include tactile elements or be used alongside other signage types to provide comprehensive navigational assistance. They offer a creative and immersive way to guide visitors through a space while adhering to ADA standards for accessible design.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are critical in creating an accessible and welcoming first impression for any facility. These signs must be designed with ADA compliance in mind, incorporating features such as high-contrast colors, non-glare materials, and large, readable fonts to cater to individuals with visual limitations. Tactile components like raised letters and braille can be included to assist those who rely on touch for orientation. Proper placement and height adjustments ensure that outdoor signs are within reach for people using wheelchairs or mobility aids, facilitating independent navigation. By guiding visitors efficiently from parking areas to entrances and throughout outdoor spaces, ADA-compliant outdoor signage plays a vital role in making environments accessible and navigable for everyone.

Heritage Signs & Displays Is a Leading Provider of ADA Signs and Directional Signs

Since 1977, Heritage Signs & Displays specializes in crafting top-notch ADA signage, environmental graphics, trade show displays, commercial printing, and custom signs. Our approach is collaborative, working intimately with our clients to create ADA-compliant custom wayfinding signage that not only meets regulatory standards but also embodies your brand's distinct colors and designs. We're dedicated to serving businesses and organizations with the very best in interior branding. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous industry awards and customer accolades we've received from our valued clients.

ADA Signs, Directional Signs

Getting to Know Our Effortless and Hassle-Free Sign Installation Process

Your journey with us begins with a simple call to our team. A project manager will discuss your project's specific needs, budget, and timeline. We then conduct an on-site survey at your installation location to ensure accuracy before presenting you with a detailed proposal and cost estimate. Once everything is agreed upon, we schedule and carry out the installation of your ADA signage, making the process seamless and stress-free. Our team of signage experts is here to guarantee that the ADA signage we design, print, and install perfectly aligns with your vision and business requirements. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

ADA Signs, Directional Signs

ADA Directional Signs FAQs

ADA directional signs are a category of signage required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) designed to provide guidance and information to all individuals, including those with disabilities. These signs typically indicate directions to various facilities within a building, such as restrooms, exits, elevators, and other essential areas, ensuring that navigation is accessible and straightforward for everyone.

ADA directional signs must comply with specific standards regarding design and installation to be accessible. Key features include:

High Contrast: Signs must have a high contrast between the text (or symbols) and the background to be easily readable.

Tactile Characters: Raised characters and braille are required for visually impaired individuals to read them through touch.

Appropriate Font: The use of simple, sans-serif or modified serif typefaces and fonts that are not italicized or obliquely styled to ensure readability.

Installation Height and Location: Signs must be installed at specific heights and locations to be reachable and visible to everyone, including those in wheelchairs.

ADA directional signs should be strategically placed at decision points along routes of travel where they can effectively guide individuals to their destinations. This includes entrances and exits, elevator and stair access points, and junctions within hallways. They must also be mounted at a height that is both visible from a distance and reachable for tactile reading.

ADA requirements necessitate that a building's wayfinding system is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can navigate the space efficiently. This affects the design by requiring clear, consistent signage with specific visual, tactile, and location characteristics. As a result, the design process must integrate these elements from the outset, creating a seamless and accessible environment for all users.

Yes, ADA directional signs can be customized to align with your business's branding while still complying with ADA guidelines. Customization can include the use of brand colors, logos, and specific design elements on the sign's non-tactile portions. However, it's crucial to work with a knowledgeable designer or sign company to ensure that any customizations still meet all necessary ADA requirements for visibility, contrast, text size, and tactile characters.

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