Heritage Wins Big at Louisville, KY PGAMA Party!

On May 11, 2022, at the PGAMA Awards banquet Heritage Signs & Displays won highest honors of the night with the “Wide Format Q” Award. This award is given to the best overall wide-format entry and represents a crowning achievement of printing and graphical excellence in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Heritage team also won 5 “Best of Category” awards at the celebration. Specifically, the team won 2 awards in the offset and digital format category and 3 awards for excellence in wide format printing.

“We had much tougher competition this year. With more companies getting involved in signage and other aspects of printing we want to continue to make each other stronger to step our game up,” said Eric Gass, Production Specialist at Heritage Signs & Displays. “It was a great feeling to be featured as the best wide format company and would be a great continuance for years to come.”

PGAMA Print Awards

The Printing & Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic (PGAMA) is an organization dedicated to recognizing the best achievements in print media in the Mid-Atlantic region. Headquartered in Columbia, Louisville, KY, PGAMA specializes in professional development, workforce development, advocacy, and networking for the printing and graphics industry.
Held in Louisville, KY, this annual awards ceremony is organized to showcase work produced in the Mid-Atlantic region, including binding, finishing, reports, binders, packaging, brochures, magazines, direct printing, maps, and wide-format printing.

PGAMA Print Awards

There are a total of 49 printing categories awarded, and the winners in each category are entered into the Premier Print Awards upon winning, where their work can compete on a national scale. The PGAMA Awards allow for Mid-Atlantic printers and graphics specialists to celebrate each other’s work.

PGAMA Print Awards

Below is the complete list of awards that Heritage Signs & Displays won:

Offset & Digital Printing (Best of Category)
Kevin Harvick Foundation
Copper Builders

Wide Format Printing (Best of Category)
Pfeiffer University – 3 level stairwell wall wraps

Torrent – Wood panel wall with Brushed ACM logo
Kalisher – 86 lenticular displays

“Wide Format Q” Award (Highest Honors)
Pfeiffer University – 3 level stairwell wall wraps

Heritage Signs & Displays Produces Award-Winning Signage for Louisville, KY, Washington DC and Northern Virginia Businesses and Organizations.

Heritage Signs & Displays is a local, veteran-owned sign company serving Louisville, KY, Washington, DC, and Charlotte, NC since 1977. Heritage is known for quality project management and customer service in support of clients’ commercial interior graphics, event signage, retail point of purchase displays, trade show displays, commercial printing, and direct mail.

To inquire about a project for your business, call Heritage Signs & Displays at (301) 843-1997 or use the convenient Get A Quote online form to begin the process.


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