Heritage Add ReechCraft PowerLift

Heritage Custom Signs & Displays announce the addition of a ReechCraft PowerLift to their commercial sign application services. The lift enables Heritage installers to quickly and easily access heights up to 20’ to install various signage products.

The PowerLift is convenient, secure and easy to use. It provides additional security and safety, while still helping you gain access to difficult-to-reach indoor and outdoor spaces. One person can easily move and operate this equipment up inclines and stairs. The PowerTrak™ System lifts and lowers with a drill. No electronics or hydraulics to maintain. “Tools-Free” mast coupling is fast and safe. Automatically stops platform when not coupled.

“The PowerLift provides us with more capabilities on installs, especially in stores and tight spaces.” Brent Thompson, Heritage Production Manager. “We utilize the lift to add new graphics to our sign shop too!”

Transport wheels roll over the most challenging grounds. Chassis weighs just 136 lbs. for moving up a flight of stairs. With a width of only 30”, the PowerLift rolls easily through single doors and into any elevator.

Hitch Hauler eliminates the need for a trailer. The PowerLift can be loaded and secured in under 15 seconds and no ropes, chains or straps are required.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs

About Heritage:
Heritage Custom Signs are a veteran owned and operated commercial signage and event signage company with an outstanding reputation for producing high quality products with exceptional customer service.

Play to Win or Play Not to Lose?

All sports fans have heard the terms “Play to Win” and “Play not to Lose”, but do we really know what it means?

Play to Win

Here are some terms that best describe PTW:
_ Being aggressive
_ Controlling the tone of the game or match
_ Playing at a pace that best suits the talents of the team

Play Not to Lose


Likewise, some related phrases for PNTL:
_ Being submissive
_ Relaxing because of a lead
_ Coasting
_ Prevent defense

We have all witnessed these scenarios for our beloved college and professional teams. We dominate the first portion of the contest and stay strong to the finish for the win. This usually happens when playing a lesser talented team.


Your team controls the initial portion and seemingly have the “game in the bag” and begins to relax. The opponent comes storming back and wins the game at the buzzer, or in overtime.

Where does this mentality generate from? How can a talented group of individuals dictate their will and other times, enable others to mandate the situation? The answer is relatively simple:


The culture of a group is more than heart, or determination or even talent, culture is all those entities and more. Culture is a mindset, having confidence in your leaders, being transparent in communication and responsibilities. Culture is not a feeling, it’s a belief, believing that the group is one as a team, there are no superstars, only team mates working together to reach a mutual goal.

At Heritage Custom Signs & Displays, we play to win! Our leaders have developed Core Values that are clear, concise and transparent, every employee at Heritage understands our Core Values and buys into them wholeheartedly. We work with like-minded individuals that understand the value of team and appreciate the benefits from that mindset.

We live our Culture and share it with every project we work on. Our customers appreciate the courtesy and professionalism, we regularly receive 5-Star Google reviews for our exceptional customer service. Going the “extra mile” is how we play to win.

Are you involved with a printer that plays to win or plays not to lose?

Do you have to micro-manage your projects or are you confident in your print team?

If you prefer to work with professional printers, one that take ownership of your commercial printing and interior signage project, wouldn’t you want to depend on a team that Plays to Win?

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs

POKE BAR Dice & Mix

Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course. Heritage Customer Service representative, Jerry Hyatt had a wonderful experience working with Jerry Turbeville on a group of 10 Poke Bar Dice & Mix custom signs. The signs were made from 0.5” PVC in 3 layers, topped with 3-Dimensional letters.

Poke Bar Dice & Mix is an international franchise with locations across the US and Canada. Our journey with fish began in 1989 when Yanagi Sushi was opened in the heart of Northridge, CA. With years of sushi experience under our belt, we found it was time to expand our horizons and experiment with what we know.

Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy food in a fast and efficient way without sacrificing quality, as well as to expand our vision of Poke Bar through our franchises and Poke Bar Family Members. Learn more at

Jerry and everyone at Poke Bar are exceptional to work with, very structured and organized, they made this project trouble-free” Jerry Hyatt.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs