Second Surface Printing

Second Surface Window Graphics

Business owners and managers understand what storefront window graphics are and how effective they are in promoting to foot traffic. What they don’t know is how the vinyl is printed.

Second surface is the practice of printing on the face (adhesive side) of the vinyl. This process enables the vinyl to be installed inside the building, away from the outdoor elements. Second surface graphics are protected from after-hours onlookers and have a longer life expectancy than first surface.

Second surface graphics are printed in a “mirror image” to be a right reading image for viewers. A print ready image for second surface will be inverted in order to print as a first surface piece.

It’s more than just vinyl!

Second surface is used on many acrylic signage, it provides a richer, elegant appearance of the sign, especially a standoff lobby sign. Printing directly to the substrate, albeit acrylic, vinyl or glass, is done with any image, regardless of orientation.

Second surface myth debunked:

The cost is the same! Although some sign printers charge an addition fee to create a reversed image, we never do. We consider print ready art as any image approved for production, whether it be first or second surface.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs