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An Expert Interview About Meter Boards

Meter Boards Charlotte

Brent Thompson, Production Manager at Heritage custom Signs, is a signage expert, his graphic design experience spans over a decade. Here’s our conversation on meter boards.

How can I utilize a meter board?

Brent: We offer a variety of printing and processing methods that empower you to use a meter board as a wayfinding sign, menu board, POP sign and event signage. We have very few limitations, which enable your meter boards to accomplish many goals.

Meter Boards
Meter Boards

What are meter boards made from?

Brent: There are numerous substrates for meter boards, our primary boards are 1/2’” Ultra board, we also use Foamcore, and PVC substrates. We also offer a “green product” made from completely recycled material: Gatorboard, Converd board and Eagle Cell. The materials we use are mandated by the needs of the sign, a long-term usage meter board would normally be printed on Ultra board, with a single-use boards typically printed on Foamcore.

What are your meter board sign dimensions?

Brent: I can print meter board sizes up to 5’ x 10’ and any dimension within that, can be cut to meet your needs. The typical size is 7’ x 3’.

Meter Boards
Meter Boards

Can you contour cut my meter board?

Brent: Yes, our CNC Router can digitally produce almost any image. I have printed and custom cut meter boards with crown tops, round tops and made custom viewing areas for digital media., to name a few.

How do you erect meter board signs?

Brent: It depends on the substrate and need, we can make “feet” from the same board with slits precisely cut to attach them to the board. We offer a meter board sign base that will accept water to help outside meter boards withstand wind. We have an indoor use only base that is lightweight and attractive. We have also attached D rings to meter boards to hang from the rafters at an art exhibition.

Meter Boards
Meter Boards

What equipment do you use to manufacture meter boards?

Brent: We full-color print on a Mimaki JFX 200 and contour cut with an AXYZ 4010.

Tell me about your most interesting meter board project.

Brent: We had a large order for the National Academy of Medicines’ annual art show, that included 16-meter boards. I printed additional pieces of their art, custom cut them and adhered the art to the larger meter board, providing a 3-dimensional effect.

Meter Boards
Meter Boards
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