5 Facts about Sign Printers

There may be more than 5 facts that you should know about sign printers, but to be brief, 5 will suffice.

Customer service is vital when committing to a purchase, feeling comfortable and secure during the purchase process. Today’s technology takes human interaction out of many printing projects and often consumers feel unappreciated and void of satisfaction in their purchase.

FACT #1 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has 120+ Google reviews, with a 5.0 average at our two locations.

Graphic design is a skill, manipulating and creating digital art through software is difficult and it takes a true experienced professional to produce exceptional results. It’s common place for most signage orders need help with their digital art.

FACT #2 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has 7 creative professionals working full-time in the Art Department.

Most signs are disappointing because the result fails to meet the expectations of the customer. Proofing the art, prior to print, is critical to a successful sign project.

FACT #3 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has a proofing process that encapsulates more than just the client, several artists review it to avoid mistakes.

On-time delivery is a necessity in the sign printing industry, many times the sign your order is time sensitive and must arrive on schedule for an event. Delays add stress and anxiety to a high intensity event, most delays can be avoided with a dynamic process of design, proofing, production and delivery.

FACT #4 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays specializes in “Hair on Fire” orders to fulfil last minute, overnight projects and deliver them on schedule.

Signage must be installed, small retractable banners, fabric banner stands, Hop-up displays are easy to erect with one or two people, but large custom displays and interior wall art should be professionally installed to guarantee satisfaction.

FACT #5 Heritage Custom Signs & Displays has a full-time staff of experienced professional installers.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs